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We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

Regional Talent Selection

16 Oct 2020: Another selection to report on the England Talent pathway.

This time it's Jesse Goodwin (Adw) following on from last season's County Pathway selection, with the equivalent call up to the Regional Development Programme.

Due to current restrictions, most of this camp will be held online, with educational videos and other resources available to him.
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Stroke Analysis Continues

27 Sep 2020: We did a little more underwater stroke analysis with Phase 5 last week, we've added 4 of them to Dartes TV.

We had a look at Cody Watkinson (Adw) on Freestyle along with Daisy Guttridge (Edl) and Daniel Bailey (Tho) performing Catch and Drive drill. Then we experimented with filming Fly from the front with Ella Bainbridge (Arm) and Molly Chambers (Drn).

Much of this work has been about high elbow catch positions so far.
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Gym Rings for Phase 5

19 Sep 2020: With limited access to gyms due to Coronavirus, we added a little strength training spice for the older members of Phase 5 today.

Gymnastics rings may be simple and cheap, but they sure do make the easiest body weight exercise much harder.

Here's Marise Garbutt (Arm) bravely smiling through a painful plank.
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Mystery Project Revealed

8 Sep 2020: During lockdown our coaches and committee have been locked in discussions with various partners with the aim of improving the Doncaster Swimming pathway.

One of those discussions took an unexpected turn and resulted in an opportunity to create something that we believe will become rather special.

This morning we announced what that proposal is.
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Training Schedule Changes

5 Sep 2020: We've made a few small changes to our training schedule starting Monday 7th September.

These mainly affect JDS to free up some pool time on a Sunday afternoon (note, these changes come in to affect from Monday 7th).

There are also some Zoom dryland time changes to accommodate late school finishes. Those impact on Phase 4 and Phase 5.
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Breaststroke Underwater

31 Aug 2020: Underwater Analysis We're diving down under the waves again today to look at the underwater section of Breaststroke

How big is your dolphin kick? Do you hold your streamlining all the way through? Is 10m achievable for you?

We look at two extreme examples, then think where you might sit.
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Ella: National Events Camp Selection

26 Aug 2020: The 90 athletes selected for Swim England National Event Camps were announced yesterday. This represents phase 2 of the Swim England Talent Programme.

We're delighted to announce that Ella Bainbridge (Arm) was included on that list. To be considered requires a top long course ranking as a 15/16 year old in an Olympic event during the qualifying period.
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Values to Swim By

20 Aug 2020: Oh wow, proper integrity in land training This evening's Phase 5 Poolside Chat was a discussion of squad values.

Our swimmers looked at a few examples from various walks of life, and then came up with a set of 4 for the squad to embrace. We'll have another look at these in a few weeks and see if we can improve them further.

For a first attempt they did really well. What do you think?
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Girls Butterfly

17 Aug 2020: Underwater Analysis Continuing with the underwater analysis we have 4 of our girls swimming Butterfly.

The common theme was a need to press finger tips through the stroke harder. If that applies to these 4, it's a safe bet everyone can learn from the same.

There were a couple of surprises lurking beneath the surface too. Can you spot them?
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Callum Breaststroke

14 Aug 2020: Underwater Analysis Our Phase 5 stroke analysis continues with Callum Broadhead (Arm) on Breaststroke. It's his weaker stroke, but only due to a lack of consistency. Fix the consistency and he has an excellent Breaststroke.

We know he's fast, but what does he need to work on to get even better on his weaker stroke?
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Phase 5 Stroke Analysis

12 Aug 2020: Underwater Analysis Phase 5 have access to their own section of Dartes TV providing stroke analysis videos. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons we are initially limiting access to this to just Phase 5.

The latest addition to those analyses looks at Backstroke for Blaine Underwood (Adw). This is very much an experimental process that we hope will evolve over time in to something quite special.
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National Development Programme Selections

11 Aug 2020: We've just received notification that Callum Broadhead (Arm) and Luke Gilliver (Drn) have been selected for the Swim England Talent Pathway's National Development Programme.

For this year, the camps will run on Zoom but the same workshops as normal will cover both technical skills and soft skills.

Fantastic job boys, but there's a lot of hard work involved if you plan to beat the cull for next year's version!
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Open Water and 1 Week Down

10 Aug 2020: We've made a strong start to the "New Season". Other than the usual early season rusty skills and lower training volume the past 4 months don't seem to have taken much of a toll.

We continue to add positive outcomes to the pandemic as well. Yesterday Coaches Dave and Jordan began their open water coaching course. If you haven't tried it yet, August is the best time to try.
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All Change for Phase 3

3 Aug 2020: The new look Phase 3 began on Saturday morning outside in the sun.

Coach Harvey had them lunging and running; bridging and stretching. An impressive performance from all.

For the rest in Phase 3, Tuesday evening's outdoor dryland briefing is a requirement before joining in.
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Training Continues as Normal

23 Sep 2020: To avoid confusion after yesterday's government announcement, swim training continues unaffected, as do our dryland activities.

We are aware that many schools are starting to ask some year groups to self-isolate after positive test from some members of those groups. Self-isolation in those cases does involve missing training, but Zoom sessions are still available to you.

Please inform your coach or welfare if you are affected by that.

It's UK Coaching Week 2020

This week (14-20th Sept) is UK Coaching Week. A week to celebrate great coaching in our communitites.

The awareness campaign centres on the need to "Support Your Coach". It kicks off with the #GreatCoachingPledge that calls on the nation to give some of their own time, sharing thanks and support for the coaching community.

This is partly in recognition of the role played by coaches in keeping everyone active, connected, and motivated both before the coronavirus pandemic, during, and afterwards.
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Every Mind Matters

In these trying times we should all spend a little time and effort looking out for our mental health.

Many athletes obsess about their physical prowess, their strength and fitness, but often overlook that most powerful and sometimes fragile muscle in their head.

With 1 in 4 people suffering in any given year, learn how to help yourselves and each other.
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Youth Sport Nutrition

Our long running partners in nutrition advice are at it again.

Here's an article of particular interest to athletes returning to sport after a period of less activity. Five nutrition tips that may ward off soom injuries and keep everyone healthy in the coming months.

Fuel up, muscle maintainers, bone boosters, damage repair, and anti-inflammatories.
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Phase 3 Dryland S+C Sessions

3 Aug 2020: We've added dry land S+C sessions for JDS for the new season.

Phase 3 get access to outdoor S+C on a Saturday morning, and the rest of JDS can join them on Zoom on Tuesday evenings for an indoor session. All of it is based around entry level athletic movements to help develop our young swimmers optimally and slowly over time.
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Return to Training - updated

1 Aug 2020: We have confirmation that we can return to the pool bright and early (5am) on Saturday 1 August - that's a Phase 5 session. That means Phase 5 is likely the first group back in the pool in Doncaster!

You can now view our massively revised training timetable. To help you understand the decisions made while creating that timetable, Head Coach Dave Cuthbert provides a commentary.
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Committee Meeting Minutes

11 Aug 2020: Meeting Minutes An additional committee meeting was held on 29th July to discuss JDS provision and other club developments.

Those minutes are now available on this website for anyone who would like to review them.
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Committee Meeting Minutes

30 Jul 2020: Meeting Minutes An additional committee meeting was held on 15th July to discuss final preparations for return to pool and bringing coaches off furlough. A few last minute changes were required to Risk Assessments before sign off.

Those minutes are now available on this website for anyone who would like to review them.
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Committee Meeting Minutes

18 Jul 2020: Meeting Minutes An additional committee meeting was held on 1st July to discuss return to pool planning. This involved a discussion around the return to swimming survey that everyone has kindly returned.

Those minutes are now available on this website for anyone who would like to review them.
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Training Idea for the Home

18 Mar 2020: During this time of no-swimming, it's important to keep training regularly. We've created a page to keep you heading in the right direction.

Boredom is another big problem during periods of isolation. Sticking to the training schedule we've published should help with that too.
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Meet Entries: for all

Due to the pandemic all meet licences have been suspended until the new year 2021. We've had no confirmation to date as to when meets will start up. That will be dependent on government guidance, leisure centre operators, and availability of meet officials.

At the moment, you know as much as we do.