1999-2022: This website has recorded the history of Dartes for 23 years - you're welcome to explore.

Today it enters archive mode (http://archive.dartes.co.uk). The club has chosen a new Team Unify website (link to follow soon) and so now is the time I hand over to the next generation. This site will remain as an historical reference for as long as I can continue to host it in the hope that it's of interest to someone. Club Records, Medal Tables, and the like were accurate upto the end of August 2022 but will not be maintained here beyond that.

Unfortunately I've archived this earlier than expected as a lot of changes are being made to schedules and training fees, etc which leave this site incorrect.

Club Info

How To Contact The Club

If you need to contact the club for any reason, please select the most appropriate person from the list below. Any enquiries from how to join Dartes to sending meet entries, everyone on the list will be happy to help.

Committee Contacts


Gail Burton is ultimately responsible for running the club. She leads the committee, and along with the head coach it's the Chairperson who drives the club forward.

She can be contacted directly, but most non-coaching related enquiries should be directed to the Club Secretary.
- Email: chair@dartes.co.uk


Ian Hunter Keeping a close eye on the club's finances is the role of Treasurer Ian Hunter. Queries regarding membership or training fees should be directed his way. Any other financial issues are also his responsibility.
- Email: treasurer@dartes.co.uk

Club Secretary

As club secretary Bee Wood is responsible for all club correspondence, along with minutes from monthly meetings and the AGM. The Secretary should be considered the central point of administration for the club.
- Email: info@dartes.co.uk

Competition Secretary

Carol Shepheard Our competition secretary is Carol Shepheard. All queries related to Dartes meets should be directed to Carol.

Dartes members entering open meets, county, and regional championships should also give their entries to Carol to submit en masse on behalf of the club.
- Email: meets@dartes.co.uk

Membership Secretary

Nathan Broadhead Keeping track of our members and squad movement is Nathan Broadhead. If you have queries regarding training fees or other membership related affairs, the Membership Secretary is the person to speak to.
- Email: info@dartes.co.uk

Welfare Officer

For all things relating to child welfare you should be talking to Suzy Broadhead. Having held similar positions professionally, she brings a lot of experience to this important position.
- Email: welfare@dartes.co.uk

To ease the workload, we also have designated officers for Phase 4 and Phase 5:
JDS: Claire Wilson
P4: Adam Burton
P5: Nathan Broadhead

Kit Officer

In charge of ordering club kit is Stacy Paul and Mark Kearsley. If you're in need of a new team shirt, shorts, or spare caps, those are the people to talk to.

Some kit is only available to select groups, but on the whole, if you've seen someone wearing it, you can order if for yourself via Stacy and Mark.
- Email: kit@dartes.co.uk

General Committee

General Committee The other members of the club's committee are listed below. All committee positions are voted for at the Annual General Meeting and is available to all club members.

Coaching Contacts

Head Coach & Webmaster - David Cuthbert

Leading up the Dartes programme is Head Coach Dave Cuthbert. After nearly two decades of coaching age-group squads at Dartes, he took the helm in the final few months of the 2018 season. He is directly responsible for Phase 5 and oversees the rest of the programme.

Dave also runs the club's website and as such is always searching for photographs and news stories that may be of interest to club members.
- Email: coaching@dartes.co.uk

Performance Age-Group Coach - Rob Hudson

Rob Hudson Our full-time Performance Age-Group Coach is Rob Hudson. He joins us from previous high-profile positions at Nova Centurion and Derventio eXcel.

Rob's role will also see him working closely with our partners in the community as well as building the club across our squads.
- Email: coaching@dartes.co.uk

Pool Side Staff, Team Managers & Chaperones

Pool Side Staff And finally, some of our other volunteer coaches, lifeguards, and team managers:

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