1999-2022: This website has recorded the history of Dartes for 23 years - you're welcome to explore.

Today it enters archive mode (http://archive.dartes.co.uk). The club has chosen a new Team Unify website (link to follow soon) and so now is the time I hand over to the next generation. This site will remain as an historical reference for as long as I can continue to host it in the hope that it's of interest to someone. Club Records, Medal Tables, and the like were accurate upto the end of August 2022 but will not be maintained here beyond that.

Unfortunately I've archived this earlier than expected as a lot of changes are being made to schedules and training fees, etc which leave this site incorrect.

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A celebration of the achievements of Doncaster's swimmers at the highest levels of domestic competition. From the early years of Dartes' history, through the heydays of the 1980s and 1990s, the turbulant times at the change of the millenium, all the way to the present day and the exciting future that awaits us. These pages represent Doncaster Dartes at its finest.

Club Honours

All Time Medal Table - Championship Tradition

Here is a ruthless look at who has brought home the silverware over the years, and the standards they've set for everyone else.

To be included in the Dartes all-time medal table, you need to have been one or more of the following:
- ASA National Finalist
- North East Region medal winner
- Yorkshire County medal winner

Doncaster Dartes has a rich tradition of winning medals at County, Regional, and National levels and here is where we celebrate that tradition. Whereas the individual all-time medal table has gaps at County/Regional level during the 1990s, the club's Championships Medal Tallies are thought to be accurate for all competitions going back to 1988.

As with any historical record, there are limitations regarding the accuracy over such a long period of time. Every effort has been made to ensure correctness. If you know of any missing data, or find any errors, please contact the webmaster with the relevant results sheets.

National Squads and Animal Squads through the Years

National Squad

Earning a spot on the Doncaster Dartes National Squad is traditionally a badge of honour. A special commemorative shirt and swim cap is also yours to remember it by. The achievement suggests that you're probably in the top 40 swimmers in your event in the country. Here we celebrate how many events our individual swimmers and teams have qualified for each year.

2022 View121729 4910
2021Cancelled due to Pandemic
2020Cancelled due to Pandemic
2019 View162541 51212
2018 178 166
2017 92231 4912
2016 282856 111216
2015 323567 91316
2014 View5414
2013 View62126
2012 View62118
2011 View4010
2010 View43111
2009 View35121
2008 View8+6
2007 View247
National Squads over the years
2022 View23+30+20+13+
2021Cancelled due to Pandemic
2020 View27412214
2019 View2436128
2018 View2427135
2017 View2826137
2016 View2123166
2015 View2931207
2014 View35412012
2013 View38473114
2012 View33332012
2011 View252568
2010 View3016144
Animal Squads over the years

2014 and earlier Nationals was a single British-wide event based on qualifying times. Since 2015 it's been split between British (top 24 ranked, or 18 for 1500/800), and Home Nations for the remainder.

Animal Squad

A place in the Animal Squad by contrast, is achievable by all. Simply get an appropriate swim on the rankings system while representing Dartes. Qualifying events are:
- 200m Butterfly
- 400m IM
- 800m Freestyle (mainly just the girls)
- 1500m Freestyle (mainly just the boys)

Since its inception in 2010, the Animal Squad has raised the profile of those big events like never before. 200m Fly girls at Bradford, 2010 Today, it's more normal to see our young athletes attempting them than shying away from them. Indeed, everyone in Phase 4 upwards is encouraged to complete the whole range of events each season.

Come back regularly to watch both squads grow throughout the season. Better still, get yourself included in them.

Individual Stardom: Significant Records Achieved and National Team Representation

Over the years Doncaster Dartes have claimed numerous records at Yorkshire and British level. Here's our attempt to keep track of who's set what before the next generation comes along and wipes them from the record books.

We're also piecing together the club's history of representation on National teams. This goes back to the early 1990s (currently with huge gaping holes), but is accurate from the turn of the century. It includes British Junior teams at European Junior Championships, etc.

Finally we honour our hard working coaches and the call-ups to various coaching teams that they've enjoyed over the years. Unfortunately, these are the least well remembered achievements of the club, but are accurate from 2005 onwards.
Star Performers ...

Club Honours

Doncaster Dartes has won more than its fair share of Top Club competitions and similar. In the past we've travelled as far a field as Germany to contest international meets (and won), in addition to the usual championships and open meets in the UK. The club has also been honoured at the Doncaster Sports Awards.

Here is where we celebrate the success the club has enjoyed as a whole rather than our standout individuals.
Club Honours ...