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News from Doncaster's Clubs, 2009

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The Stories behind the Headlines (from Doncaster's Clubs)

Well Done Wakefield, Pocklington League Champions 2009

31 Oct: In Div 1 of the Pocklington Times League City of Wakefield took full advantage of Doncaster's weakend teams at the end of October to snatch the league title from defending champions Spa Askern and challengers Armthorpe.

It's been close all year between the top 3 teams, with Spa just edging in front of Wakefield from day 1 and Armthorpe chasing hard when their campaign started on fixture 2 (each team misses 1 fixture, Armthorpe missed the first).

In the end the fate of Doncaster's teams was sealed when the last 2 league fixtures clashed with the Dartes training camp at the end of October. Both teams lost key personal, in fact 14 of the 20 in Sardinia were from those two clubs.

Congratulations to City of Wakefield though, snatching the league title from Spa. All 3 of Doncaster's clubs are safely in division 1 again for next year. Adwick held off a late surge from Scarborough to take the 4th spot behind rivals Armthorpe.
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Results from DMASA Champs, Adwick are 2009 Champions

19 Oct: The DMASA 'Mets' Championships are now complete. Full results are available below:
- Gala 1
- Gala 2
- Points

Congratulations to 2009 Champions, Adwick.

Official Results from BML

South Axholme Sharks 7 Oct: It's official, South Axholme Sharks avoid relegation in BML div 2. They stay up by a single point over Chapeltown.

The full official results for all 4 divisions of the 2009 BML campaign are out so why not go and see how your team fared.
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Adwick Cruise to Victory in Dinsdale Div 1

Head Coaches Kevin (Spa) with Neil (Adwick) 26 Sep: In numerical terms this was something of a David and Goliath story. Except on this occasion David got beat (we're not talking about the old dude who got beat in the open Fly either - well done to the Adwick pair). The numbers in the lanes during the boys warm up said it all. Adwick's were crowded, Spa's were pretty nearly empty!

The aim of this league is to bring through young swimmers who don't normally get the chance to compete in galas. By eliminating all those who've won medals at the Mets you remove most of the swimmers who compete in the Barnsley League and the Pocklington League and you give the others a chance.

A noble idea, except for a lot of our small clubs that means they struggle to field even 1 full team, let alone the A team and B team required for the Dinsdale League. Maybe a rethink is required on the eligibility rules for next year before a number of clubs decide they can no longer compete in this league.

But none of that should take away from Adwick's win here this afternoon. Part of being a successful club is the ability to attract many new members into the pool and that's something Adwick look to be doing extremely well. Well done to Neil's army of young swimmers.
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Armthorpe 100% in Pocklington Times League Division 1

Armthorpe 19 Sep: A tightly fought encounter in division 1 of the Pocklington League saw Armthorpe and Spa battle ferociously all evening for crucial championship points. With reigning champions Spa leading division 1, but Armthorpe holding a gala in hand, there is still everything to swim for. Especially considering Armthorpe have yet to drop a point!

Round 3 was title challenging Wakefield's turn to miss. Level on points with Spa before this fixture, the Doncaster club desperately needed to take advantage of Wakefield's absence and pile on the points.

At the other end of the division table, the 3rd Doncaster club was chasing points too, but this time to stave off relegation. Adwick's comfortable 3rd place today makes their position much stronger.

On the day though, the two leading clubs weren't taking anything for granted. Both have their eyes firmly on the division 1 title this year. During the evening, the gala lead changed hands 10 times and came right down to the final event. Armthorpe managed to hold on to the gala win by just 2 points over local rivals Spa Askern. They keep their 100% record intact, over taking City of Wakefield in the league standings and closing to within a point of Spa.
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Good Start for Kev's Sharks

South Axholme Sharks 5 Sep: Saturday saw the South Axholme Sharks in action in Division 2 of the Pocklington League. It was a gala that marked the return of Kevin Dunne as Head Coach and the sharks welcomed him home with the full 4 points for a dominating afternoon (144 points to Scarborough's 126 in second place).

To put the icing on the cake, the home team Scarborough Kingfishers did SAS a favour by holding South Holderness at bay to take runner-up spot. By doing so, depriving their division 2 title rivals of an important point and allowing the Sharks to close to within a couple of points of South Holderness on the league table with 1 gala in hand.

If their form continues, it could very well mean 4 Doncaster clubs in division 1 next year, which would be pretty special. There's still a long way to go yet though.
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Is This a Power Shift in Pocklington Div 1

Armthorpe 5 Sep: After a disastrous year in 2008 where they never recovered from missing their first fixture, Armthorpe clearly felt the need to prove themselves here this afternoon. They escaped relegation last year only because Kingston upon Hull dropped out of the league. Today though they earned the result by themselves.

An extremely close encounter saw the Kingfishers snatch a 2 point victory from last year's runner-up the City of Wakefield, who always seem to be there or there abouts. Languishing in 3rd place, an unfamiliar position of late, were the league champions of the last 2 years Spa Askern. Does this gala mark the end of their Pocklington League domination?

Despite their 3rd place, they were still only 8 points from the day's winners and still hold on to top spot in the division table. But with City of Wakefield equal on league points (just 3 gala points separating them) and Armthorpe with a fixture in hand, things look set for an exciting end to the year.

Doncaster's 3rd team in the top division finished 20 points behind the leading trio. Newly promoted Adwick look set for a relegation fight with Scarborough for the rest of the year (today was Scarborough's scheduled turn to miss). Not wanting to tempt fate but Adwick do look strong enough to overcome that challenge.

Interesting statistics from the afternoon's racing. We'll leave you to interpret what they mean in detail, but it appears that Doncaster has a lot of truly exciting talent on display in this league where as Wakefield march on with steady consistency.

Points Team 1st Places 4th Places
129 Armthorpe 16 11
127 CoWakefield 8 4
121 Spa Askern 17 17
101 Adwick 7 16

Unfortunately, it may not be the quality of racing that determines the eventual league victors. The penultimate fixture will see both Spa and Armthorpe without many of their race winners. A Dartes warm weather training camp is set to remove most of the Phase 5 swimmers from both teams at the end of October. Whether that plays into the hands of consistent Wakefield is something we'll have to wait to find out.
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Transplant Games Update

27 Aug: Final result from the World Transplant Games in Melbourne. Ben Pacey (Edl) is coming home with 5 Gold medals, a silver and bronze, and 3 World Records!
A Little Background ...

4th British Learning Disability Swimming Championships & Festival of Swimming

25 Aug: It was another exciting end of season bash for Dearne Valley SC. This time it was the turn of our disability swimmers, including S14 up and coming superstar [Name Removed], who lead the way at the Mencap British Championships at ponds forge this weekend.

It just got better as the day went along, Alex Sawdon and Luke Prece were in the festival of swimming, while Natasha Oates and [Name Removed] swam in the British champs. The 4 swimmers won mountains of medals and speeding tickets between them. But there was more to come from [Name Removed] and her team mates, they just kept on winning and cheering, and let's not forget the cheerleading parents who sat all together cheering and enjoying every moment of glory for the team.

We also have to give Ben Sweeney from Edlington some credit; he sat with us, cheered his mates on and won some medals for his home team. Well done Ben we are proud of you, great sportsman. This just goes to show that us Doncaster clubs are unique and all are great ambassadors for the sport. One of my athletes actually said "we were like the 3 musketeers 'one for all and all for one'". I call it team work.....

However with all the excitement, the most exciting race had to be with [Name Removed] challenging for the British 200m Backstroke record, alongside fellow European medallist Stephanie Bird from Lowestoft. Well the race began with Stephanie quickly taking the lead and leaving [Name Removed] some 5m behind. At the 100m turn Steph had built her advantage to 10m, but [Name Removed] was keeping an even pace and still had her target in sight.

With 25m to go, Steph turned with [Name Removed] still a good 5m behind.
And then ...

Well [Name Removed] then pulled something magical out of the hat. Out of the turn she set an unbelievable pace, closing the gap so suddenly that Steph's lead was looking vulnerable. The crowd were quickly on their feet!

[Name Removed] looked very strong as she flew past Steph and touched first by half a second. Unfortunately she was 2 seconds outside the British Record but is now determined to give Dearne and Dartes her second British Record this coming season. Congratulations to all swimmers, and well done to all those who competed at the events.

Head Coach, Karen Selman, had this to say after the exhausting event was over:

"I am delighted with the outcome of my swimmers; I expect high standards from my disabled athletes just the same as I do from my other swimmers at the club. Since they joined the club and started to train they have developed the aptitudes to succeed and the best thing is that they enjoy the training and comps. The swimmers have trained very well and we've seen some great progression. I feel that we are heading in the right direction as a club and look forward to the future. These athletes show us that if you put your desire into something it is achievable"

Welcome Back Kevin

Kev Dunne 18 Jul Rumours have been flying for the past week, but it's now official. There is a new Head Shark!

This morning South Axholme Sharks happily announced the return of Kevin Dunne as Head Coach.

Armthorpe Coast to Victory

Armthorpe 11 Jul Two wins out of two for Armthorpe in the Dinsdale League as beleagured Spa were outnumbered by a dominating flock of Kingfishers.

A more complete report may follow later in the week.

In the end Armthorpe walked away victorious, 279 points to 206.
Dinsdale League ...

2nd Annual Rossington Fun Day -- Works a Treat

Rossington 4 Jul This was the second summer fun gala organised by the club and the atmosphere was just as good as the first with lots of new members having their first taste of the social side of the club and the madcap antics of the teachers! This was truly an event for the young and the young at heart with the youngest being Liam Clark at just six and the oldest, and she won’t mind me telling you, Betty Greenhalgh (Rounders Queen) at 69 and 3/4.

Rounding up the troops was far easier than normal as everyone was eager to get into the pool as it was so hot - equipment was sorted out, rules agreed (begrudgingly) and Josie took charge (with Clive interfering at every turn) - Josie even said that she would fight Heather for the role at Xmas because she enjoyed it so much.

The four teams were:

The first event was the Basket Case, a simple game in theory where the swimmer just had to collect a ball and throw it into a basket (bin!) at the end of the pool - there weren't that many baskets due to the fact that the baskets kept getting further and further away (in my lane anyway)!

The Woggle race was a leg kick sprint up and back down the pool - simple concept especially suited to the dolphin-like kids. Next up was the first round of the tug of war - for anyone who has taken part in this event they'll tell you that this is a killer. Two minutes being pulled backwards and forwards swallowing water is not pleasant - we thought Liam had become a fish at one point!

The top hat race is dead easy, all your swimmers had to swim with a bowl on their head, sounds easy but the ‘hats’ kept coming off! The Globetrotter game is an old favourite of the organiser as the concept is easy - dive in, swim, pick up ball, throw at net. Everyone joined in and it just seems to last forever - it's always funny watching the cocky big kids missing when you have C squaders in net :)

The Egg & Spoon race was spiced up this year as the swimmers had to carry the ball out of the water - next year they’ll have to carry it in their teeth! The Lilo Lil race had an Olympic feel this year with union jack lilos for all the teams - there was a technique to this race that all bar Nigel understood but more about this later.

We then had the second torture session of the tug of war - just as hard as the first, no one escaped the punishment and having gills definitely was an advantage.

The wagon train made a surprise second visit with the swimmers making a convoy up and down the pool - the lead swimmers ending up dragging their team mates down the pool and it’s a good job they had been in practice well in advance.

The second leg of the Globetrotter came next and you could tell everyone was tired as the number of goals scored took a hit - the Pirates took a unique view of goalkeeping by having everyone in the water and intimidating the opposition. The RASCALS race followed the second round of the Globetrotter game and there was a modicum of cheating as various adults were helping out by moving the balls around and ‘helping’ the seekers – next year Guido will be watching out for this tactic 8)

Chris Newby -- Cross Dresser The Grande Finale is the Grande Finale - all swimmers had to progressively put on more and more clothes until the last swimmer had on a hat, tie, gloves, pants, t-shirt, shorts, socks and a large bra filled with Ben Ten balls! By the time Clive, Andy, Nigel and Chris started their lengths everything was sodden. Thank god for the Ben Ten balls - all you had to do was float down the length (LOL)

Highlights for me - Andy and Ryan swimming alongside Liam so that he could take part safely (nice touch guys) and Nigel Clark wrestling with the Lilo as though it was a crocodile and he was Crocodile Dundee - it was so funny I was almost crying and the lilo won!

In the end the Troublemakers came away with the medals so well done to Andy, Ryan, Heidi, Liam, Josh S, Aaron, Eva and team captain Neil for their performances and wise use of jokers.

Moving onto the field after the swimming festivities brought Sam and Paul (Master Chef Un and Deux) into the limelight as they had been busy fanning the BBQ and cooking the burgers while the rest of us played. The food was cooked to perfection and everyone had enough food in their stomachs for the next activities - well done to Sandra, Jill and Julie for keeping the rabble at bay while the burgers and sausages were prepared.

The event organiser had a brilliant back room staff that actually did all the real work on the day and before - Sandra and Jill organised all the food and drinks; Sandra, Julie W and Helen were the Equipment Technicians (without whom the events didn’t happen), Glynn and Vicky took all the photos that will be on the website soon, Josie was the ref who kept to the master plan, Sam and Paul were the super chefs and a special thank you to my mum, Betty, for lovingly sewing up the bras and helping me sort out all the equipment ready for the day.

Lastly, an event like this is never a success without the people taking part – without your enthusiasm and effort in the water this would not have been half the fun it was – so give yourself a great big round of applause.

Thanks as ever to the Greenhalghs for the article, showing everyone the fun side of Rossington Swimming Club.

Spa Continue Where They Left off in 2008

4 Jul Having won Pocklington Times League Division 1 for the previous 2 years, Spa Askern entered today's opening gala of 2009 as strong favourites.

The only local league our clubs compete in that allows everyone to swim irrespective of their ability (Dinsdale league fixtures eliminate the top swimmers from the Mets and BML eliminates Yorkshire finalists) it's testament to the quality of swimming in Doncaster that 3 of the 5 spots in division 1 are taken by our clubs.

On the day though, it was the so-called Spa Battle Squad, loaded with Dartes athletes, who swept up the points. They beat their closest challengers from 2008 by 9 points. City of Wakefield look set to be the challenging team again this year with Adwick, Doncaster's other representative today, another 14 points back in 3rd.

Dartes Coaches Doncaster's 3rd team in this division escaped relegation last year when Kingston upon Hull dropped out of the league. But Armthorpe lived to fight another year and will be in action next time with something to prove. Last year they missed too many fixtures which left them with far too much work to do to stay with the rest. What can they do when fully committed?

This promises to shape up into a fiercely fought division with lots of local interest and excitement at both ends of the league table!
Pocklington Times League ...

Adwick Unstoppable in Barnsley Minors League Division 2

27 Jun After 4 rounds in Division 2 of the Barnsley Minors League, the fight for promotion couldn't be closer. Despite winning 3 of the 3 fixtures Adwick have contested, they find themselves equal first with Sheffield City on 598 points. Each team in Div 2 misses one of the 5 fixtures and round 3 was Adwick's turn to miss. That gave the Sheffield club an opportunity to stack up a huge points tally in their home fixture to catch up to their Doncaster rivals.

Tension was running high half way through the afternoon with very little between both of the top teams. Sheffield were just edging in front.

Heading into the last round of relays Adwick had just taken the lead. By the final event, 3 points separated them with only the Cannon to go. Nerves were showing on the faces of Adwick's Barmy Army of supporters. As Adwick's Boys Team Captain Josh Foy touched fractions of a second in front of Sheffield City, the poolside errupted!

The last and deciding fixture is scheduled for September at Chapeltown, and there's drama in store at both ends of the table. Two of Doncaster's club will battle with two of Sheffield's clubs. The winner on the day is likely to be the overall winner and gain promotion to Division 1.

But at the foot of the table, Chapeltown are looking to amass 149 points to avoid relegation and send the absent South Axholme down to Division 3. Both promotion and relegation are likely to come down to the last few events. Chapeltown's points from previous fixtures are 150, 145, and 149. They need 149 to send SAS to their doom!

It looks set to be an exciting afternoon's swimming.

Details provided by Neil Stephenson, Head Coach Adwick (pictured alongside Spa Head Coach Kevin Nicholas) who would like to pass on his thanks to South Axholme for holding a well run and exciting gala.
Barnsley Minors League ...

Rascals Romp Home in Dinsdale Div2

Rossington 27 Jun Today witnessed the first victory of 2009 for the RASCALS of Rossington!

The Dinsdale League gives clubs the chance to give their younger swimmers a taste of competitive swimming, racing against other teams. The club welcomed Sam Harrison, Adam Cunliffe, Joseph Greenhalgh and Thomas Priestly for their first caps.

Thorne, who are usually one of Rossington's strongest rivals, were not at full strength today, but they still kept the races tight throughout. There were a number of races where it was Rossington A versus Rossington B but the Rascals still fought hard to race against each other.

There were 22 personal bests on the day for Rossington spread between the swimmers, with Eva Pinkney's 12 second improvement in the 25m Breaststroke the highlight.

The final result was Rossington 272 and Thorne 174 - well done RASCALS and respect to the Thorne swimmers for a massive effort.

Thanks as ever to Clive Greenhalgh for the gala summary and scores.
Dinsdale League ...

They Think It's All Over

Rossington 13 Jun They think it's all over, and it pretty much already is in BML4. But then the winner of this division was pretty much pencilled in before it started. When a team drops out of the higher divisions and returns a year or two later, they have to start back in Division 4. When that team has the depth of City of Sheffield the immediate future can be easily predicted. Who would bet on them not repeating this year's unstoppable form in Division 3 next year?

City of Sheffield then, South Yorkshire's top squad, but who's age groupers (14 and unders) finished 5th at Yorkshires nearly 20 points behind Dartes, take on 3 of the Dartes feeder clubs (now 4 with the arrival of Minsthorpe). The playing field somewhat balanced by the elimination of any County finalists which removes the Sheffield team's big stars to the advantage of Doncaster's clubs.

Even so, the first 3 fixtures have earned them over 200 points each and this was to be no different. Running away at the top with 211 points.

For 2nd overall, Thorne Tigers and Rossington have been swapping places all season. 2 wins (by which we mean 2nd places behind CoSSS) for Thorne and 1 for Rossington. Today's result makes that 2 each, a fine performance by Rossington to take 2nd place.

But not far behind those two overall, and definitely close enough to make the last gala in the series an exciting affair, is up and coming Dearne Valley. 3rd place finishers today (beating Thorne) and now within 40 points of their two local rivals.

Missing today, but the home team for the last fixture, is the DMASA's latest member club: Minsthorpe Marlins. Their first season in the BML this century (can anyone remember when they last were?), they're a little off the pace, but home advantage may well generate something special.

The last fixture then, between 4 of Doncaster's clubs, promises to be one to watch. The overall division title may be out of reach, but the honour of being Doncaster's top dog (albeit in Division 4) should prove more than enough motivation.
Barnsley Minors League ...

Clash of the Titans

Armthorpe 13 Jun It was the big fixture in the top division of the Dinsdale League today. The mighty Armthorpe Kingfishers did battle with the colossal Adwick. When these two fierce rivals get together it's always a passionate and closely fought affair and this year appears to have been no different.

By the time the last event arrived, the teams were still locked together. It could have gone either way. An exciting cannon would decide the spoils. In the end Armthorpe walked away victors. 246 points to 239.
Dinsdale League ...

SAS Looking for Head Coach

10 Jun Due to illness South Axholme Sharks are looking to appoint a new Head Coach.

Anyone interested in this part time position should get in touch so we can pass on the phone number for their club secretary.

Third is the new first!

Rossington Was the heating turned up to max or what?

The spectators enjoyed the gala in sauna-like conditions and our team of 21 entertained and enthralled us with their superb efforts.

  At half way the team were down in fourth and it took a huge push to bring us back into third beating the very strong Pocklington club who have beaten us handsomely in the past. With so few swimmers there was some magic done by our team as they swam, got back round to the blocks and swam again - the effort put in at training is really paying off.

  There are too many good performances to mention but here are a few notable highlights: Jacob Warner’s medley breaststroke. Chelsea’s double-breaststroke swims. Joshua Greenhalgh pulling back 5 metres in the last length of breaststroke and coming second by a whisker. Jess Gillatt pulling out all the stops in her races. huge butterfly personal bests for Farrah and Jordan, Joshua Sellars swam as a 15 year old! Eva working her socks off (the Thursday nights are paying dividends). And Jacob Greenhalgh swimming up into the open team and keeping them in second in both races.

  I could go on with the plaudits and probably will when you next see me J

  The end result was South Hunsley 162, Edlington 111, Rossington 100, Pocklington 97

Thanks to the Greenhalghs for the report and gala scores.
Pocklington Times League Tables ...

Another Strong Performance from the Rascals!

Dartes B Grade 9 May On a bakingly hot day at Adwick Leisure Centre our brave swimmers collected and as always it was cooler outside than it was on poolside! It was an early start for Amber, Jess, Lauren, Katie and Eva but Sandra and Nige kept them motivated and lined up ready for their next events. As always the team did well amassing five medals and ten personal bests - Jess Gillatt did extremely well with two golds, but Lauren, Katie, Eva and Amber can be very proud of their achievements knocking huge lumps off their personal bests; Amber also walked off without her medal!!!

In the afternoon Clive strolled up to take over from Nige working with the ever present Sandra (what a brick :)). The afternoon team was made up of Andy, Jordan, Shannon, Chelsea, Leah, Josh Sellars and Josh Greenhalgh and they didn't disappoint coming away with six medals and fourteen personal bests. Andy had come for his holy grail, a sub-60 second 100m freestyle but it evaded him once again but he did get a gold medal for his efforts (Andy - we are with you all the way on this one, stick at it). Jordan medalled in all his events and Chelsea got a gold in her beloved breaststroke (by a fingernail). But our other swimmers; Leah, Josh Sellars and Josh Greenhalgh performed admirably picking up personal bests with ease.

The tale of the tape ended as eleven medals (five gold, one bronze and five finalists) and twenty-four personal bests

Many thanks to our officials on the day - Les Brown, Ian Gordon , Neil Sellars, Nige Clark, Sandra Eales, Andy Allerton, Clive Greenhalgh and Andy Blacklock (Cheerleader extraordinaire).

Thanks to Clive Greenhalgh for the meet report.

Sheffield march on, Thorne 2nd

Thorne Tigers 9 May Home advantage helped Thorne hold CoSheffield to just 30 points in their latest Barnsley Minors League encounter. Rossington were only 9 points further back in 3rd with Minsthorpe bringing up 4th place in Div 4.
Barnsley Minors League Tables ...

Armthorpe Slip in BML1

Armthorpe 9 May Just when it looked like Armthorpe might sneak away with this year's BML Div 1 title, along came round 2.

After a very close win in round 1 by just one point, Armthorpe unfortunately had a hard time in round 2 at Stocksbridge finishing fourth. Final points being Stocksbridge 188, Wakefield 174, Rotherham 168 and Armthorpe bringing up the rear with 152.

Still some very good swims but got to work on those starts, turns and finishes.

Thanks to Mandi Briggs for the gala report and scores.
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Bridon Shield

Adwick Logo 26 Apr It's that time of year again where most of Doncaster's clubs get together for a bit of a party in the sauna that is Adwick Leisure Centre while contesting the honour of taking home the rather lovely and obscenely large Bridon Shield.

If you look over the previous winners engraved on that shield, two names pop up more regularly than the rest, and this year's final result reflected that.

A little predictable it may have been, but that didn't stop everyone else from having a go and producing some very fast times. And of course, congratulations to Armthorpe for yet another victorious day at Adwick.

Here's the end result:

Pos Club Points
1 Armthorpe 148
2 Adwick 135
3 Spa Askern 121
4 South Axholme Sharks 95
5 Edlington Stingrays 49
6 Rossington 28

Rossington And just to demonstrate the spirit of taking part, here's a review of the day by one of Rossington's competitors. Clive Greenhalgh, aged 41 and three quarters.

I have never been so nervous in my life, didn't sleep well, couldn't eat and I paced up and down at home before leaving for the gala - I was a wreck! Why? Because I was going to swim one length of Butterfly for the Masters team.
Could I swim one length of Butterfly?
I wasn't sure!

My humour and nerves were not helped when Jo told me that I was going to have to swim two lengths - oh my lord. I was going to expire half way down the second length and would have to be pulled out - how embarrasing! Anyway, in the end it was only one length and it was still a struggle.
Clive Greenhalgh aged 41 and three quarters!

We had a strange team setup because we didn't have enough swimmers in all the age groups so we had to have a patchwork quilt of a team but the one thing that is always true about our swimmers is that they pull together and swim their hearts out and today we saw that fighting spirit.

The 9/10 year old boys team was Lewis Jessop, Eddie Fisher, Freddie Foster and Joshua Sellars - they came away with a third place, the best result of the day, and were unfortunate to be disqualified in the Medley Relay.

The 14 year old girls team was Jessica Gillatt, Chelsea Eales, Farrah Gaskell and Shannon Allerton - they came away with two fourth places which showed a great level of consistancy.

The Open boys team was Andy Blacklock, Jordan Allerton, Chris Newby and Lewis Gaukrodger - they came away with two fifth places which is commendable in such a competitive age group.

The 11 year old girls team was Eva Clark, Katie Pendlebury, Amber Birbeck and Lauren Walker - they came away with a fourth and a fifth place in what was also a competitive age group.

The 13 year old girls team was Sasha Gaskell, Lauren Pendlebury, Leah Oliver and Caitlin Feirn - they came away with two sixth places which was brilliant considering that their average age is only eleven!

The 15 year old boys team was Jacob Greenhalgh, Aaron Walker, Joshua Greenhalgh and Thomas Humphreys - they came away with two sixth places which once again was brilliant based on the fact that they are 13, 13, 11 and 10 respectively.

Finally, we had the Masters team of Dave Humphreys, Nige Clark, Glynn Walker and Clive Greenhalgh - they came away with two fifth places. This was unbelieveable based on the fact that the average age was well over forty and they were swimming against much younger opposition - even at their advanced ages all of the team had the jitters before they swam.

On the day the team overall came sixth with a score of 28 points; there were 35 personal bests from the 28 swimmers in all.

Well done the RASCALS.

Many thanks to Clive for that entertaining review.

Raising the Roof, Rossington style

A lesson in 'Raising the Roof' Rossington style, courtesy of former Dartes swimmer and head Rascal, Andrew Blacklock.

City of Sheffield Return to BML (Divison 4)

Thorne Tigers 25 Apr City of Sheffield's return to the Barnsley Minors League continued with another substantial victory in Division 4 this time at home (it must be nice to be able to call Ponds Forge your home pool). This year looks like being the start of their relentless march towards Division 1 -- will anyone be able to slow them down along the way?

Their predictable win kept Doncaster's clubs at bay, battling it out for the minor honours. Thorne Tigers looked strong to take 2nd place. Having missed the first Division 4 fixture (each team misses 1) they had some points to catch up on, and they did so in fine style lifting themselves to 3rd overall.

Building for the future was Dearne Valley in 3rd place on the day which was enough for them to take over as 2nd overall (but they still have a fixture to miss). Final positions in this division probably aren't important this year though; barring a catastrophe, City of Sheffield will take the promotion slot. For everyone else, it's just a matter of pride and beating that lot from down the road.

Bringing up the rear but also building for the future with a new Head Coach and new direction, were new kids on the block, Minsthorpe Marlins. Rumour has it we're set to hear a lot more about Minsthorpe around Doncaster Swimming in the near future. For today though, it's just good to see them back in league competitions.
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Rossington at Minster

Team Rossington 19 Apr At the inaugural Minster Meet The RASCALS had fourteen swimmers and came away with three golds, one silver, four bronzes and fourteen finalists. Every swimmer won at least one medal or received a speeding ticket which shows that the swimmers in the club overall are improving. This was a much stiffer test than the Santa Swim as all other teams brought more swimmers and the standard was that much higher.

There were twenty-nine personal bests shared across the fourteen swimmers following a great deal competitions recently and a sprint night that had concentrated on the strokes and distances that were competed for today.

Many congratulations to: Jessica Gillatt (Ros) and Josh Sellars who won best girl and best boy on the day.

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped out on the day; Dave, Neil, Andy, Sandra, Vicky, Dot and Clive (and Jill the taxi driver).

Well done swimmers - keep up the excellent work

Thanks to Clive Greenhalgh for another interesting meet write up from Rossington.

Adwick's Winning Streak Continues

Adwick Logo 4 Apr Adwick continued their 100% winning start to the BML second division, with a second straight League win on Saturday 4th of April. Three Doncaster clubs were taking part with several DARTES swimmers on duty for their respective teams - Adwick, Spa Askern and South Axholme Sharks. The fourth team this time around was Chapeltown (Sheffield City taking their turn to miss a round).

With a hard fought 202 points Adwick held Spa to a stunning 32 point win (170), and Chapeltown (150) just held onto 3rd place beating SAS by 1 point (149). Well done to all our Doncaster swimmers for some fantastic performances.

Neil Stephenson (Head Coach at Adwick) had this to say:

Following our recent triumph of winning the Oldfield Trophy in March, it was back to business in the League and once again every swimmer gave 100% teamwork and dedication to give Adwick a well deserved victory.

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New Head Coach for South Axholme Sharks

Phil Hughes Appointment 29 Mar It's finally been confirmed.

After months of searching for a new Head Coach, South Axholme Sharks have appointed Philip Hughes as the replacement for Kevin Dunne who left early last year.

Phil has been assisting Dartes assistant coaches Kevin Nicholas and Dave Cuthbert with the Junior Development Squad and Phase 4 over the past month or so. It is anticipated that his work at Dartes will continue (albeit greatly reduced) along side his new position with the Sharks.

On behalf of Dartes we'd like to wish Phil and SAS all the best as they start their new relationship.

Pretty much his first task as Head Coach was to watch the club's recent strong performance in Division 2 of the Pocklington Times League which earned them 2nd place in the 2009 opener.

They competed against New Earswick (York), South Holderness, and Scarborough Kingfishers. With a multitude of 1st and 2nd places and a scattering of 3rd and 4th the points accumulated and South Axholme claimed an honourable 2nd place final position.

Pictured with Phil Hughes (under the Sharks banner) is SAS Chairman Peter Smith. Thanks to Gaynor Neary for the photo and most of the detail.
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Very Close Start in Dinsdale Div 2

Edlington Stingrays 29 Mar An extremely close opening encounter in Dinsdale League div 2 saw the Stingrays of Edlington pip the Rascals of Rossington, but it came down to the very last race of the afternoon.

The actual result was so close it came down to the very last race, the Cannon realay. Edlington managed to take the valuable first and third places to win the gala by just two points!

The final results were Edlington 238 vs Rossington 236. The A teams actually drew on 156 point each, leaving the B team scores to decide the gala.

A proud David Millar, one of the Edlington parents had this to say about his team's performance:

It was a really good gala with Alan Robinson doing a fantastic job of sorting the teams after a number of late withdrawls.
You could also see that the Dartes JDS has really helped build a strong base in the younger members of the squad. This combined with Jeff Squires' coaching you can see the team starting to grow.

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Armthorpe Winning Start

Armthorpe SC 14 Mar Armthorpe started their Barnsley Minors League with a VERY close win swimming on home turf. Armthorpe are the only Doncaster team in BML Division 1 which also includes Rotherham Metro, City of Wakefield, and Stocksbridge Pentaqua. There were some brilliant swims and even though space is very tight at Armthorpe the atmosphere was fantastic and very loud.

In the end, Armthorpe just held on to beat Stocksbridge by a single point (186 to 185), with City of Wakefield only 12 points further back in 3rd. Rotherham Metro brought up the rear in 4th.

Division 1 looks set for some very exciting encounters throughout 2009. Stay tuned for all the results as they happen.

Thanks to Mandi Briggs (Armthorpe) for the gala report.
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DSE Nationals and John Harriman Champs with Dearne Valley

Dearne Valley SC 7/8 Mar It was another exciting weekend for the swimmers of Dearne Valley SC. Some of their elite disabled swimmers competed at the DSE nationals at ponds forge, while their able-bodied team mates contested the John Harriman Championships at Adwick.

The John Harrimans saw Masters swimmers Lee Hoseley and Lynn Dawson bring home 4 golds each. Age group swimmer Leah Tierney gained a Bronze for the 50m Breaststroke, while Jemma Hall took Silver in the 16-18 years version. Stuart Wardle gaining a good Pb and Speeding Ticket for his 50m Freestyle and a Bronze for Fly. The 9yr girls debuted at the John Harrimans with a 5th place finish in both the free relay and the medlay relay

At the DSE nationals, Andrew Gould won 5 Golds and 2 Silvers. Natasha Oates won 2 Breaststroke Golds for the 50m and 100m. Natasha also came away with a silver (50m Free) and a Bronze (100m Freestyle).

The 3 Amigoes Challenging for championship records was [Name Removed]. In addition to improving on the 3 she already held, [Name Removed] earned herself 3 new ones: 400m Free, 50m Free and 50m Back. Her 6 championship records earned her 6 Gold medals to take back to Dearne Valley. Hopefully, this will have gained [Name Removed] a place on the North of England team for the UK school games. Congratulations to all swimmers, and well done to all those who competed at the above events.

Head Coach, Karen Selman, had this to say after the exhausting weekend was over

"I am delighted with the outcome of all my swimmers. Since taking over as Head Coach the swimmers have trained very well and we've seen some great progression. I feel that we are heading in the right direction as a club and look forward to working closely alongside Dartes in the future"

[Name Removed] will now represent Dearne Valley ASC at the British Internationals in April having qualified for 6 events. She will be competeting against some top contenders from around the world. Both Leah and Stuart will be competiting at the Yorkshire 50m sprints 21 March.

Sheffield & District Championships

1 Feb The Sheffield and District Championships usually only include a single club from Doncaster. Spa Askern usually fly the Doncaster flag alone, but this year were joined by local rivals Adwick whose season started in winning fashion in last month's BML encounter.

Very few details from these championships were submitted to the website but we can bring you the results for Dartes members.

Combining both clubs and considering only the Dartes swimmers, 24 competitors returned home with 44 medals: 12 Gold, 18 Silver, and 14 Bronze. An excellent performance from a large selection of those training within the Dartes Junior Development Squad.
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Winning Start For Adwick in BML2

Adwick Logo 24 Jan The first encounter of the year in division 2 of the Barnsley Minors League produces a 7 point win for home club Adwick with 194 points. Hot on their heels was the only non-Doncaster club in division 2, Sheffield City with 187.

Newly promoted Spa Askern struggled to stay in touch with the leaders but weren't too far behind with 173. 20 points adrift with 149 points and still searching for a new Head Coach was South Axholme Sharks.

A winning start to the new year for Adwick. Head Coach Neil Stephenson had this to say:

"a well fought gala with all four clubs putting in some fine performances right down to the last event. Every swimmer gave all for their respective clubs and contributed everything to a great gala on the evening".
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