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Articles by Dartes Swimmers Past and Present

Every now and again, someone pops up out of the deep end and writes an article for the website. Sometimes these are former Dartes swimmers with happy memories to share. Often they're current members with something special or interesting to shout about. Either way, if it's interesting and in some way connected to Dartes or Doncaster Swimming, we'll probably publish it.
Here's one of those articles.

Easy Peasy Fund Raising


With Christmas just around the corner many of you will be looking online to do your festive shopping. With that in mind, we thought we'd ask someone to introduce the benefits of to you. Looking down the list of supporters already donating to the Dartes cause we have the Litchfield household way out in front booking hotels for open meets through easy fundraising - earning themselves a discount and over £230 for the club in to the bargain!

A little further down the league table of top fundraisers though we have the Clarkes. Now the head of the house let slip the other day that they buy everything through it, including some very posh dog food from a very obscure site; but also school uniforms, groceries, chocolate, and clothes. In fact she raved about it so much that she offered the services of her daughter Lucy Clarke (Min) to tell you all about it.

So here's Lucy twisting everyone's arm to sign up and start raising big money for Dartes ...

Author: Lucy Clarke
Date: 1st December 2011

Easy Peasy

As you all know, it's now less than 4 weeks until Christmas (Ho, Ho, Ho) and we need to raise more money for our cool club. Do you still need to do your last minute Christmas shopping? If you do, you can shop online and raise money at the same time with! is a quirky (like Dartes) and quick way to get that extra little boost for our club! Overall we've already raised £400 through it with just a few people signed up, so just imagine how much more dosh we can conjure up with everyone joining in, especially at Christmas with all the presents that you need to buy for us hard training kids.

100s of well-known high street stores participate in it such as: Marks and Spencers; New Look; Hotel Chocolat; Boots; Debenhams; Asda; Sainsbury's; iTunes; Thorntons and many more and not just the boring ones Dave mentioned ;-) You will be surprised at just how many there are!

Every time you buy online via, a proportion of money goes to Dartes, in some cases as much as 5%. Many voucher and discount codes are shown for each retailer; you can get extraordinary deals, and it doesn't cost you anything at all! Everyone is a winner!

Hassling to get into stores and bustling around in a crowded shopping centre isn't fun so shopping online is amazing and doesn't waste your valuable time when you could be having a rest from taking the kids swimming!!

So why not join up today?
This really is a brilliant idea!

Leading up to Christmas they're also emailing out big deals almost daily (such as 25% off at Gap) and numerous competitions with huge prizes. Once you're on, you'll wonder why you'd never heard of it before. Just be sure to follow the links on to your favourite stores, rather than going direct, or you may miss out on the donation!