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Articles by Dartes Swimmers Past and Present

Every now and again, someone pops up out of the deep end and writes an article for the website. Sometimes these are former Dartes swimmers with happy memories to share. Often they're current members with something special or interesting to shout about. Either way, if it's interesting and in some way connected to Dartes or Doncaster Swimming, we'll probably publish it.
Here's one of those articles.

The Stories behind the Headlines

Hannah Taylor: Modeling for PAW Swimwear!

A couple of weeks ago the website was contacted by Gary from the ever popular, Leeds based Gerrard Swimwear with a view to updating the company's information in our links section. Along the way he just happened to let slip that Hannah Taylor (Arm) had been doing some modeling for their 2009 brochure as well as Aquazone.

It was clearly a blatant attempt to get PAW a plug in a news item on the site, but we decided to go one step further and twist Hannah's arm into giving everyone a brief glimpse into the world of swimwear modeling.

Here's Hannah's story.

Author: Hannah Taylor
Date: December 2008

Way back in February, I was supporting Sophie and the rest of the squad at the Yorkshires, when I was asked if I may be interested in having a "photo" test for PAW swimwear when they did their next shoot! I thought it was a wind up, so I said I would, never expecting anything to come of it!

Hannah Taylor As the year has gone on my mum has seen Pauline and Gary at lots of swim meets and it kept being mentioned, so I kept my fingers crossed without telling anyone! Then, in September, Gary contacted us with a date for his shoot. I was so nervous as I simply did not know what to expect as I'd never had any proper pictures taken!

As the day got closer Gary issued me with a list of "dos and don'ts" as obviously he has done many shoots over the years! He kept telling me not to worry as he used a very kind, friendly photographer who always put models at ease.

So the day arrived!

I was more nervous than swimming in any competition! We arrived at the studio and we were straight off! I had to do some "test shots" to check the lighting, positioning, and back drop. Gary was right, I was at ease very soon as Simon (the photographer) was so laid back and constantly making jokes that helped me relax.

After a while Kim arrived. Kim has been the PAW model for the last four years. She was so professional and good. I watched and tried to pick up any pointers I could. She somehow seemed to get the identical pose for all the "torso" shots (no head) and just had so much fun on the "arty" shots. I quickly realised there was no magic formula, it was simply just to relax, have fun and listen to advice or the requests of Simon and Gary.

When Kim had done all her shots, Gary kindly asked her if she would help me with make up and hair tips. I soon learnt that being made up for a shoot is very different than for a night out! lol! To start off with, to help me get used to having my photo taken, we took lots of shots of me in normal clothes: jeans, dresses, and so on. This was so helpful as I became very at ease and comfortable, so when it came to swimsuits, I had absolutely no fear at all.

All my worries had been pointless. I ended up having shots taken for about two hours, which was so much fun. Luckily, Gary found that some of my pictures were good enough to use and I have been on the back of Aquazone and I am also shown in the new PAW catalogue.

For those of you who ever get the chance at something like this, I say GO FOR IT!

I would like to thank Gary and Pauline for a wonderful opportunity and I hope I get asked again in future years!