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News August 2019

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

National Development Programme Selection

16 Aug 2019: Fresh on the heels of yesterday's Team Yorkshire selection, today we have a brand new selection for the National Development Programme. This is the 3rd step on the Swim England Talent Pathway, but the first ever selection for Madison Johnson (Arm).

Selection is made based on an athlete's highest long course ranking in an Olympic event. So for you sprinters out there, only the 50m Freestyle counts - go bigger!

Focus during the 3 camps will be on development of all four strokes and the IM. In addition there will be Land training to enhance starts and turns, injury prevention workshops, stroke efficiency and otehr technical considerations.

Only 250 swimmers will be selected nationally for these camps, and they'll be spread around 6 locations - with Maddie heading to Chesterfield. Congratulations to her, and work hard this season if anyone else wants to push themselves into consideration for this programme.

Yorkshire Team Selection for Callum

15 Aug 2019: We received news yesterday that Callum Broadhead (Arm) has been selected for the Yorkshire Team set to contest the National County Team Championships in October. The competition brings all the nation's counties together at Ponds Forge to do battle. Throughout its history the two big counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire have dominated the show. The Red Rose has been the team to beat for most of this century, although the White Rose has emerged victorious for the last 3 years.

Callum is the latest in a long line of Dartes athletes to represent Yorkshire going back to 2009 and beyond. His selection comes off the back of high British rankings in a number of events and Gold medal winning performances at major championships.

Congratulations Callum, we'll be watching on the livestream!

Look what the Postman Brought

14 Aug 2019: We arrived at Adwick for training last night to a very welcome sight. Fresh off the Finis production line we have a couple of boxes of these very solid backstroke wedges (8 in total). They're designed to work with any starting blocks and provide a slip free platform for Backstrokers to start. The usual adjustable height straps that we're all familiar with at big meets are a little different, but still easy to use.

At first glance (not used yet) the wedge itself looks to be much better quality than we've seen at competitions. The non-slip yellow surface is almost sand-paper rough - no one is going to slip off that!

A big thank you to Finis for supplying these and to Persimmon homes who provided the £1000 grant to pay for them. We told you about the Persimmon Homes Building Futures initiative a couple of months ago. It's very much appreciated.

Primarily these have been purchased for use in our open meets. 8 wedges mean we can equip both Adwick and Beverley. In addition though, Head Coach Dave and Assistant Head Coach Jordan will have a pair with them to use during training; not every day, but when they're needed. JDS won't be missing out either, Coach Harvey will have access to them whenever he needs to put our younger athletes through their Backstroke starts and to introduce the idea to those who've never used them before.

All we need now is a training session to make first use of them. We suspect this Sunday might be slightly busier than the rest of August has been so far. No rush though, there will be plenty of opportunities for using these when training starts back properly in September.

Coach Dave on England Talent Duty

7 Aug 2019: Due to a recent change in circumstances with his day job, Head Coach Dave is once again able to play a role with the England Talent team. He will be a skills coach for the remaining camps of the Regional Performance Programme which engages with 36 athletes in the 12 year age group. The purpose of which is to provide those young swimmers with an opportunity to develop their technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills alongside the best athletes from across the country.

This means that Dartes now has two coaches involved in that talent team. Assistant Head Coach Jordan has been a skills coach on the County programme (11 year olds) for the last 2 years.

Coach Dave was first involved with these programmes back in 2010 on the regional disability camp. At the time, the club had an S14 European record holder at 200m Butterfly. Dave's most recent involvement was the Level 1 Camp in 2012 which immediately followed our Malta training camp. A long break then due to work commitments, but a welcome return.

The Masquerade Ball

Introducing, the Doncaster Dartes Masquerade Ball to kick off 2020 in style.