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News May 2021

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

Swim Teaching Level 1

12 May 2021: With the country coming out of the pandemic there's a big push to get young children back in the pool learning to swim. In order to do that, local Learn to Swim providers need qualified teachers to facilitate those lessons. The health of Doncaster's swimming pathway is largely dependent on the knowledge, experience, and availability of such teachers.

In order for DCLT (Doncaster's swimming pool operator) to staff their comprehensive Learn to Swim programme they're running a Level 1 Swimming Teaching course (31st May - 6th June, 10am - 6pm) at Dearne Valley Leisure Centre. The cost to candidates is £100 but successful completion of the course will give you a nationally recognised swimming teacher qualification, opening up a career that is always in demand.

In addition to the course, DCLT also have the following job advert running:

The Level 1 teaching course is aimed at those wanting to step foot poolside in a paid capacity. It would be ideal for older club swimmers looking to earn money part-time while studying, and because it's a nationally recognised qualification, may also help with part-time work while away at university. Most Learn to Swim providers regularly advertise for new teachers. Ex/Current swimmers tend to be heavily sought for such roles, due to their personal experience and in-depth knowledge.

That said, we would advise those in the Performance Stream to wait until they've stepped away from the high demands of training before taking this on. Training full-time, studying, and part-time work will be detrimental to your performances. This may be perfect for those in our A squad or any of the local clubs and is a brilliant way for swimmers to directly impact the quality of young swimmers coming through the pathway.

Those with an interest in this course should get in touch with our coaching team for details of how to sign up.

Meet Calendar

11 May 2021: Now that the country is opening up (fingers crossed) and clubs, regions, and counties are announcing dates for their competitions, our Meet Calendar will be updated with new additions. Obviously at the time of writing that is still looking rather sparse, but we do have concrete dates for our own September Sprints meet and Winter Yorkshires.

For those who are unfamiliar with how meets work with Dartes there's an in-depth discussion of everything you need to know:

Meet Calendar The meet calendar attempts to pack in all the information you need for each meet. On the left hand side you have the licence level and which of our performance squads the meet is suitable for (the competitive stream can usually tag along at meets suitable for P234). In the middle we have the location and dates for that meet (a single day, weekend or sometimes an entire week).

Over the right hand side we have our entry deadline - this will be earlier than the official meet deadline to allow for administration work. The final column shows you who to enter with (either ourselves D, or your feeder club FC). Below that the pool size (short course, 25m; or long course, 50m). The big blue i can be clicked to open up more information about the competition.

The competitions we select each season are chosen to match the requirements of each squad. There is no reason to enter meets by yourself, and we would strongly discourage that practice. The coaching team are experienced at providing and supporting a suitable meet calendar and understand how to balance competitions with training. This is a common approach across performance programmes around the country. Please respect their choices.

We attempt to introduce new meets and new locations each year to keep things fresh, although for 2022 that may prove difficult coming out of the pandemic.

At the time of writing we have a very small set of meets on the list. This will grow with time as clubs re-establish the meets they host. First up for most of you will be the conclusion of Level X racing. These are internal time trials that will be submitted to the national database and result in a national Level X ranking. We had successful results from the 2021 series although with deadline extensions and a lot of confusion it's not entirely clear what the final rankings were.

Our very own September Sprints meet will then take place at the John Charles Centre for Sport in Leeds. For those who haven't been, it's an excellent venue and sure to be a good meet. Everyone in the club can enter this meet so long as they're inside the cut-off times. So ABC squads plus P2-5 are all welcome to enter. That said, those in P2-5 should enter via their feeder club if they are attending (Adwick, Dearne Valley, and Edlington are known to be at this point).

Finally for now, we've just added Winter Yorkshires to the list. This will be the first county level meet we've attended since February 2020 and is a welcome return to the calendar. As always, this is split in two, with the 13 and overs going first, and the 12 and unders later in October.

Keep an eye on this website and the competition calendar to be the first to know when we add new meets.