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News January 2022

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

Club Visits and Team Induction Day

30 Jan 2022: It's been a busy couple of weeks with Head Coach Dave Cuthbert visiting Adwick ASC to look at a few swimmers being called up to the 9/10 year olds team for Yorkshires next month (more on that later). Hot on his heels, Coach Rob Hudson visited Dearne Valley and Armthorpe to deliver clinics for them which have been very well received. We hope to deliver a few more club visits in the near future, so if your club doesn't have one booked in, please get in touch.

With Yorkshire teams on the horizon, we also hosted a team induction day for the young 9/10 year old club swimmers completing our teams at the end of February. As team events have been few and far between since the country locked down in 2020, we thought these young swimmers would benefit from practicing take overs and meeting the rest of their team. So we spent an hour on the blocks learning how to optimise those starts and scared ourselves with a few flyers along the way.

Hopefully everyone involved in the afternoon enjoyed themselves, and are looking forward to the big day itself. We hope to have a followup team day for the young ones the weekend before Yorkshire teams. More details about that will be sent out shortly.

New Year, New Squad Names

11 Jan 2022: With the New Year well and truly with us, we're making some changes to squad names to make it clear what the Performance Stream is all about. The names aren't changing much, but it should add a little clarity. For the most part we are simply swapping the word "Phase" with the new name "Performance".

Many people have called them P1-5 for years anyway, in which case there's only a small change at the start of the pathway where we are introducing a new squad.

The new Performance 2 squad will be a cut-down version of Performance 3. It recognises the fact that some of our feeder clubs wish to continue having regular interaction with their younger swimmers up until they join Performance 4. This new squad will allow swimmers from those clubs to pick any three of the Performance 3 sessions and augment them with a couple of feeder club sessions to make up the recommended five.

This also has the advantage of avoiding clashes with feeder club sessions. Swimmers should therefore be able to attend the full, recommended quantity of five sessions by picking a selection that don't clash. It is recommended that Saturday morning is attended by everyone though, as this gives an easy introduction to early morning training prior to the more intense environment of P4.

For optimal development we still recommend all five Performance 3 sessions, but this new structure should work with some of our clubs better.

Our Competitive Stream (A, B, and C squads) remain unchanged.

Other than a small name change there are no alterations to training times in any way. Everyone should continue as before, just recognise the name change.