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Articles by Dartes Swimmers Past and Present

Every now and again, someone pops up out of the deep end and writes an article for the website. Sometimes these are former Dartes swimmers with happy memories to share. Often they're current members with something special or interesting to shout about. Either way, if it's interesting and in some way connected to Dartes or Doncaster Swimming, we'll probably publish it.
Here's one of those articles.

The Stories behind the Headlines


Very few swimmers can claim to have swum at World Championship Trials.
Fewer still can make that claim at 13!

It's been a busy couple of weeks for Sophie Taylor (Arm) but now it's all over and she's got time to ask her mum to polish her new trophies and stuff all the new medals in the drawer with the rest, we thought we'd ask her to give us her thoughts on last week.

A Long, Long Week

Well, it all started when I went to the British Gas Championships at Ponds Forge. I was very excited on the Monday before, as I thought it would be the same as the Nationals.

I was so wrong!

When I woke on Tuesday morning my tummy was churning like mad. I had been trying to stay relaxed but my nerves were just so bad. I found it hard to speak because I was so nervous, and even people that know me will find that hard to believe!

Sophie Fly Silver The first thing that I saw at Ponds Forge was all the press. Sadly not for me (lol) but because Jo Jackson and Rebecca Adlington had both beaten the 400m Free world record the night before!

When I got to the poolside I was totally scared. Even though I have swum at Ponds Forge lots of times, this was totally different. I was used to seeing people I knew, girls my age, friends and so on. This time I felt really alone. Well, until I saw Andy! :-)

Andy was great. He kept trying to calm my nerves, by making me laugh and trying to distract me.

Thanks for trying, but it didn't work!!

Finally race time came about and then the routine was just the same as most other events. Check in, sit down and lastly walk down to the blocks.

My knees were trembling as I stood at the blocks! I couldn’t even move! It was my 100m Breaststroke. The race was over in a flash but I managed to get a small P.B.

I also had the 200m on Thursday and everything happened exactly the same as above. But for some reason, my nerves were just as bad, probably because the 200m was my weaker event.

But once the race started, I was fine (ok Andy, perhaps my first 100 was a bit slow)! I had the pleasure of getting Rebecca Adlington's and Ellie Simmons' autographs, as well as seeing several of the top swimmers. I was "star struck" most of the time!

I really enjoyed the whole experience of the Event. It certainly helped me realise what Major Championships are like, and it has made me even more determined to try and get to the next stage.

I would just like to thank Andy for all his help and support, and Dave for helping me get to where I was last year! And also, just thanks to all the parents that were at the Yorkshires last week! The atmosphere made it REALLY fun for everyone and the banner was great as well!