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Your Website Needs You!

Your Website Needs You!

People occasionally complain that watching swim meets and club galas gets to be a bit boring. Clearly they've never been stuck in the seat next to Jez Grainger or Helen Smith at full volume! Those of us in the know can tell you: when you know what you're watching, and you know what's at stake, swimming is every bit as exciting as those simple sports you watch on TV.

Swim meets are full of inter-club rivalaries; of clubs battling for league promotion and others desperately avoiding relegation; of swimmers' private battles for elusive qualifying times or just trying to beat that guy from the club down the road who's beaten you every year that you care to remember.

For those in the know, Swimming is just as exciting as any ball game, and the skills on show are every bit as impressive. The problem is, very few people know enough about what's happening or the people involved to enjoy it properly.

Here's your chance to help change that. It might only be a small step but here's how you can help add colour, excitment, and intrigue to Doncaster Swimming.

Contribute from Dartes

Meet Reports

Yorkshire Gold Medal Winning Team Have you enjoyed reading the meet reports over the past year? We've twisted the arms of a number of our swimmers and their parents to tell you about their first hand experiences of swimming at Dartes. It's been fun, but we want to do even better through 2011.

It would be nice to have some fresh, new contributors to write an occasional article. Write about the last meet you were at, or some other experience. Let's get a fresh perspective, someone else's view each month.

Don't be shy, don't even be modest. This is your chance to shout about all the hard work you put into training or taxiing your kids to and from the pool. Don't hold back, tell everyone how well you've done.


Duel in the Pool We did well in 2009, 15 articles by 10 contributors; in 2010 we had 8 by 6. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Most of those articles were read by over 200 people! It really is worthwhile tapping away at the keyboard.

But can we do even better in 2011? We will, if you help out!

There's an old saying in journalism: "Write about what you know". How many swimmers have English course work to complete? What better subject to write about than swimming. We already have a school course work essay on the site to inspire you.

Like they say: "Write about what you know".


You can never have enough photos lying around when maintaining a website. Every page needs them and the more different ones we have the fresher the site looks. So capture the moment and send it in.

In 2008 we received nearly 60, many of which were added to the Photo Gallery. Some of them still are still being added for the first time to decorate different pages. We challenged you to double that quantity during 2009, you did -- we received 489!

But that's nothing compared 2010. We received 669 photos over the course of the year, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Peter Litchfield at meets and Helen Smith at the Mallorca training camp.

Let's make sure 2011 is every bit as successful.

Contribute from the Clubs

League Results

How many of you can name the leagues in which your club competes? Can any of you confidently say which division you're contesting this year and which are the other teams you're up against?

Help this website make the answer to those questions a resounding YES!

Your clubs are the grass roots of swimming in Doncaster. The more enthusiastic their swimmers are, the more successful Doncaster Swimming becomes. So why not help develop that enthusiasm!

Rossington at Minster, 2009 Be as partisan as you dare! It's your club, they're your friends, so be passionate and tell everyone how your team beat your rivals from down the road or from the next town.

For the past couple of years we've managed to keep a very close eye on all of Doncaster's clubs as they progressed through their leagues. The pages for both Pocklington Times League and the Barnsley Minors League were updated after every gala to keep everyone up to date. We're going to try to do the same throughout 2011.

But we need your help if we're going to do that.

The minimum we need are the final scores from each gala. An up to date league table would also be appreciated. Beyond that, gala reports and photos are more than welcome.

Any Other News

What else is your club up to? There's a lot happening at Doncaster's swimming clubs so why not show it off for the whole town to see. Send your news to the Dartes webmaster and we'll publish it here for all of Doncaster's swimming community to enjoy.