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Everything you need to know about Dartes. From training times and how to apply for membership, through a potted club history, qualifying times for major meets, and everything else you need as a member of Dartes or a potential member of Dartes.

The Dartes Squads

Introduction to Dartes

DARTES Everything you ever wanted to know about the Dartes scheme but never thought to ask:
- What is DARTES?
- Our Feeder Clubs
- In Performance
- The Logo and Graphics

Phase 1, 2, 3 - Junior Development Squad

Typically the entry point to the Dartes programme, all the detail you could want about the Junior Development Squad can be found below.

- Training Times
- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)

Before entering this squad, the following two forms must be completed:
- Membership Application (PDF)
- Recommendation Slip (PDF)
- Phase 1 monthly fees: £14
- Phase 2 monthly fees: £26
- Phase 3 monthly fees: £38
- Coach: Harvey Williamson / Jordan Allerton

Phase 4 - Age Group Squad

Age Group Squad members at Harrogate's Hydro After graduating the Junior Development Squad, the next phase is the Age Group squad. Here we develop key skills and build a strong fitness base.

- Introduction to Phase 4
- Training Times
- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)

- Logbook
- Code of Conduct
- Phase 4 monthly fees: £70
- Coach: Jordan Allerton

Phase 5 - Premier Squad

Premier Squad training camp, 2007 The pinnacle of swimming in Doncaster, the current Dartes Premier Squad contains national finalists across the age ranges and has produced National team members in the past.

- Introduction
- Training Times

- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)
- Logbook
- Code of Conduct
- Phase 5 monthly fees: £85
- Coach: David Cuthbert / Phil Marshall

Information for Members

Competitions, Advice, and Guidance

Details about meets we'll be attending and qualifying times, etc.
- Events Calendar
- First Meet Info
- Meet Protocol - What is expected of you on the day of the competition.
- Online Entry Form
- Constitution (ver 2020)
- Monitoring Growth

Policies and Procedures

Here you will find various policy documents and procedures.
- Complaints Procedure
- GDPR Policy
- Photo/Video Statement

Risk Assessments

Below are a number of Risk Assessments (and associated documentation) that members may be interested in:
- Outdoor Land Training (risk assessment)
- Outdoor Land Training (guidance/consent)
- Outdoor Land Training (map)

- Pool Training (guidance/consent)

- Town Fields Land Training (risk assessment)
- Town Fields Land Training (guidance/consent)
- Town Fields Land Training (map)

- Mere Lane Park, Land Training (risk assessment)
- Mere Lane Park, Land Training (map)

- Woodlands Park (risk assessment)
- Woodlands Park, Land Training (map)