1999-2022: This website has recorded the history of Dartes for 23 years - you're welcome to explore.

Today it enters archive mode (http://archive.dartes.co.uk). The club has chosen a new Team Unify website (link to follow soon) and so now is the time I hand over to the next generation. This site will remain as an historical reference for as long as I can continue to host it in the hope that it's of interest to someone. Club Records, Medal Tables, and the like were accurate upto the end of August 2022 but will not be maintained here beyond that.

Unfortunately I've archived this earlier than expected as a lot of changes are being made to schedules and training fees, etc which leave this site incorrect.

Club Info

Club Info

Everything you need to know about Dartes. From training times and how to apply for membership, through a potted club history, qualifying times for major meets, and everything else you need as a member of Dartes or a potential member of Dartes.

The Dartes Squads

Which to Choose: Competitive or Performance

Performance Stream

Demand for places within the Performance Stream is high. The higher up the Performance ladder, the harder it is to retain a spot. Entry to Performance 4 generally requires Yorkshire qualifying times; Performance 5 hopefuls should be aiming for a minimum of a North East Regional final. To achieve these high levels there are progressive training standards adhered to by all swimmers in the Performance Stream. Those standards are relatively easy in Performance 1-3, take a serious jump in Performance 4, and are extremely tough in Performance 5 (16+ hours training each week).

Entry into the Performance Stream comes from any of Doncaster's competitive clubs or our own Competitive Stream. It is strongly advised to start in the Performance stream early (age 8-10) alongside club swimming. The accumulated extra hours of training in those early years prepares the young athlete for the demands of Performance 4. Those entering Performance 4 without spending time in Performance 1-3 tend to struggle.

Anyone from outside Doncaster wishing to join the Performance stream are welcome to apply for a trial. Spare places may be available from time to time.

Competitive/Participation Stream

The Competitive Stream aims for a similar level to Doncaster's other competitive clubs. It takes young swimmers from DCLT's Learn to Swim programme and provides a minimal commitment route into competitive or participation swimming. If you're looking for a relaxed approach to swim training, this is the route for you. It offers competition at a local level through leagues and open meets hosted in nearby towns.

At a young age (under 12) it may be possible to move across to the Performance Stream if suitable. Climbing up through C Squad to B Squad, and then into A Squad may well provide all the competitiveness a young swimmer desires. C Squad and B Squad are largely focused on participation/fitness swimming for those who dislike competition. Whatever your level, its likely there's a spot for you.

Performance Stream in Detail

Performance 1, 2, 3 (Junior Development 8-12 yrs)

Typically the entry point to the Performance Stream.

- Training Times
- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)

Before entering this squad, the following two forms must be completed:
- Membership Application (PDF)
- Recommendation Slip (PDF)
- Performance 1 monthly fees: £26 (2 session)
- Performance 2 monthly fees: £36 (3 sessions)
- Performance 3 monthly fees: £60 (5 sessions)
- Coach: David Cuthbert / Rob Hudson

Performance 4 (Age Group, 10-14 yrs)

Age Group Squad members at Harrogate's Hydro After graduating from Performance 1-3, the next step is Performance 4. Here we develop key skills and build a strong fitness base.

- Introduction to Performance 4
- Training Times
- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)

- Logbook
- Code of Conduct
- Performance 4 monthly fees: £70
- Coach: Rob Hudson

Performance 5 (Youth 12+ yrs)

Premier Squad training camp, 2007 The pinnacle of Performance swimming in Doncaster. Recent Performance 5 members have been National medalists, Olympic trialists, and members of British Junior Teams. A hard-working few have represented their nations at Olympic, World, and Commonwealth level.

- Introduction
- Training Times

- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)
- Logbook
- Code of Conduct
- Performance 5 monthly fees: £85
- Coach: David Cuthbert

Competitive Stream in Detail

A Squad

Local level competition and open meets.

- Training Times
- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)
- Monthly fees: £28

B Squad

Local leagues and participation.

- Training Times
- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)
- Monthly fees: £25

C Squad

Social, fitness, and participation swimming.

- Training Times
- Standing Order Mandate (PDF)
- Monthly fees: £15 (1 session) / £20 (2 sessions)

Training Schedule at a Glance

From 18th July 2022 onwards our temporary training schedule will be as follows. We expect to revert back to the standard schedule once Rossington CSP reopens (estimated as end of October 2022). The Minsthorpe session will start from September onwards NOT July.

At a glance, our standard training schedule looks like the diagram below. Note: this will be replaced with the temporary schedule above from 18 July 2022, due to renovations at Rossington CSP.

Information for Members

Introduction to Dartes

DARTES Everything you ever wanted to know about the Dartes scheme but never thought to ask:
- What is DARTES?
- Our Feeder Clubs
- In Performance
- The Logo and Graphics
- Considerations for Team Selection

Competitions, Advice, and Guidance

Details about meets we'll be attending and qualifying times, etc.
- Events Calendar
- First Meet Info
- Meet Protocol - What is expected of you on the day of the competition.
- Monitoring Growth

Policies and Procedures

Here you will find various policy documents and procedures.
- Complaints Procedure
- GDPR Policy
- Photo/Video Statement

Risk Assessments

Below are a number of Risk Assessments (and associated documentation) that members may be interested in:
- Outdoor Rossington Land Training (risk assessment)

- Outdoor Land Training (risk assessment)
- Outdoor Land Training (guidance/consent)
- Outdoor Land Training (map)

- Pool Training (guidance/consent)

- Town Fields Land Training (risk assessment)
- Town Fields Land Training (guidance/consent)
- Town Fields Land Training (map)

- Mere Lane Park, Land Training (risk assessment)
- Mere Lane Park, Land Training (map)

- Woodlands Park (risk assessment)
- Woodlands Park, Land Training (map)