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Meet Entries -- Dartes members only!

Manually processing everyone's meet entries is a time consuming and error prone task. Help save the Competition Secretary's time by submitting your meet entries online.

Dartes Members Online Meet Entry Form

Who Should Use This

This form should only be used by members of Doncaster Dartes. It should not be used by swimmers from other clubs to enter Dartes open meets.

Swimmer Details

Give the details for each individual swimmer separately.
Only enter for one meet with each form submission.
If "ASA No." is not known, please leave this blank.
Always take care to select the correct meet to avoid issues later.

Swimmer Phone
ASA No. Meet
DoB Age on Last Day

To help prevent spam, please provide the correct answer to the following question. Your entries will not be submitted without the correct answer.

Which town are we from?

Swim Details

Whenever entry times are required (most of the time) please enter one. If you do not have any previous times then state "No Time" unless your coach has suggested one for you.

It is your responsibility to ensure entry times are faster than any qualifying times or within cut-offs should either apply.

Free Back Breast Fly IM

Entries will not be processed until payment has been received. Use the same bank details as you pay fees to, but ensure the reference used indicates who you are and what it's for (i.e. "Blogs_Northampton").

Please check your entries carefully before submitting.

Please note, you will NOT get a copy of your entries emailed to you, but the confirmation page is created after processing your entries. If you see a complete confirmation page, your entries have been received.