1999-2022: This website has recorded the history of Dartes for 23 years - you're welcome to explore.

Today it enters archive mode (http://archive.dartes.co.uk). The club has chosen a new Team Unify website (link to follow soon) and so now is the time I hand over to the next generation. This site will remain as an historical reference for as long as I can continue to host it in the hope that it's of interest to someone. Club Records, Medal Tables, and the like were accurate upto the end of August 2022 but will not be maintained here beyond that.

Unfortunately I've archived this earlier than expected as a lot of changes are being made to schedules and training fees, etc which leave this site incorrect.

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Thanks to our good relationship with NESS Swimwear we've managed to secure our members a 5% discount on everything in their online store. What's more, on top of that 5% Dartes also takes a cut from the sale too. All orders are delivered direct to your door.

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NESS Swimwear

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The prices are good, and you're supporting Dartes at the same time. Just remember to pop over to the NESS swim shop at your next meet and say a big thank you to those behind the counter.

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Team Kit - Specials from the Past

These items are no longer available but are shown as mementoes of fun times gone by.

2011 Tenerife Polo

Our best looking training camp polo to date.

Unique to the 20 at Tenerife 2011.

2011 National Squad Cap

For a change, a special black cap for Nationals.

Unique for 2011, only 9 people in the world have one!

2011 National Squad Polo

For a change, an extra special black National Squad shirt.

Available to those with NQT only!

2011 British Champs

Limited edition red shirt for 2011 British Championships

Available to qualifiers only.

2010 Majorca Polo

Special red polo shirt for 2010 training camp.

Camp attendees only.

2010 National Squad Polo

The 2010 National Squad Polo with distinctive back.

National qualifiers only.

2010 Thunder Sticks

Specially for 2010 Minster Meet, our DIY Thunder Sticks went down a bang!

2010 Minster Tee

The 2010 Minster Meet Souvenir Tee Shirt.

Sold by the box load.

2010 British Champs Hoodie

Only those qualifying for 2010 British Championships got to wear this great hoodie.

2009 Training Camp Polo

CIS kindly sponsored the shirts for 2009's Sardinia Training Camp.

Camp attendees only.

2009 National Squad Polo

One of our better special polos, this one unique to the National Squad of 2009.

2009 National Squad Hoodie

Only 2009's National Squad could get their hands on one of these.

2008 National Squad Polo

For the hard working qualifiers for 2008 National Champs, a rather special shirt.

Minster 2008 Tee

The original Minster Meet Tee.

Before wearing our team branding hat, hence the blue.

2007 Cyprus Polo

Special edition red polo shirt for Paphos training camp, 2007.

Available only to those selected for the camp.

2007 Nationals Polo

2007 continued the tradition of red National Squad shirts.

Only available to those with an NQT.

2000s Tracksuit

During the early 2000s we had a very popular tracksuit top.

2000 National Squad Polo

This shirt for 2000 Nationals at Coventry was considered one of the nicest we'd had.

1980s Tracksuit

One of the earliest pieces of Dartes kit, the tracksuit from the 1980s.

1980s sweater

Another early piece of team kit. This sweater from the 1980s is also autographed by Olympic Champion Adrian Moorhouse.